NLSU Now Offering Criminal Defense Representation!

Nonprofit Legal Services of Utah is proud to announce a partnership with criminal defense attorney Randy Phillips.

Through this partnership, attorney Randall G. Phillips will be offering discounted legal representation for criminal cases in Utah Justice Courts in Salt Lake, Weber, Davis, Cache, Box Elder, and Morgan Counties.   Crimes that qualify for the reduced attorney fee include any and all traffic citations, Infractions, DUI, or any other Class "C" or Class "B" Misdemeanors.  There are no income restrictions and the initial consultation is free.

The legal representation will be provided independently by Attorney Phillips, who is an experienced, skilled, and aggressive criminal defense attorney with over 25 years of experience.*   

Attorney's fees are based upon whether any of the pending charges are enhanceable regardless of the number of charges.   Common enhanceable charges include but are not limited to Domestic Violence, Drugs/Paraphernalia, and DUI related.  Mr. Phillips can advise you of whether or not you have been charged with an enhanceable offense.

The total "flat rate" for attorney's fees is also determined by whether or not your case is resolved before or after a trial date is scheduled by the Court.

If the case is resolved before a trial date is set:

Type of Charge Total Flat Fee

Non-Enhanceable $450.00

Enhanceable $650.00

If a trial date is scheduled for any charge(s):

The Client must pay an additional $300.00 attorney fee within two weeks after the Court set the trial date and is deemed earned even if the case is resolved without a trial.  In the event a trial is held, an additional $350.00 attorney fee would need to be paid within two weeks after the day the trial was held.

The attorney fees DO NOT include costs for discovery, police reports, dash cams, body cams, testing, subpoenas, expert witness testimony, or other evidence which Mr. Phillips deems necessary to effectively represent you based upon the circumstances.Mr. Phillips will advise you of the expected costs and those costs must be paid by you in advance.

To get an appointment to meet with Mr. Phillips, please fill out and submit the form on our Contact page or call us at (385) 419-4111.

*Attorney Phillips also provides discounted legal representation for Class "A" Misdemeanors, and Felony charges in State District, Juvenile, and Federal Courts.  Mr. Phillips also accepts personal injury, accident, and worker's compensation cases.  Other legal services may also be available.  For more information about Attorney Phillips please visit