For Individuals, our fee schedule is based on income as follows:

  1. Under 200% of federal poverty guidelines:  $75.00/hour 

  2. Between 200% and 300% of federal poverty guidelines:  $100.00/hour

  3. Between 300% and 400% of federal poverty guidelines:  $125.00/hour

  4. Above 400% of the federal poverty guidelines:  $150.00/hour

All numbers are for the 2018 federal poverty guidelines.  Income is determined by your Adjusted Gross Income reported on line 37 of IRS Form 1040.

Generally speaking, Nonprofit Legal Services of Utah requires clients to pay a retainer equal to 15 hours of work or 50% of the flat fee agreement at the time the engagement begins.

For Nonprofit Organizations, our fee schedule is as follows:

  1. Organizations with revenues equal to or under $150,000 per year: $125.00/hour

  2. Organizations with revenues between $150,000 and $500,000 per year: $150.00/hour

  3. Organizations with revenues above $500,000 per year: $175.00/hour

Flat Fee arrangements are available for both Individuals and Nonprofit Organizations, depending on the nature of the project.