People have legal problems.  Many times, you don't know what to do and could use some professional advice.  Unfortunately, good legal representation has become so expensive that it is simply inaccessible to the vast majority of hardworking, everyday people.  We are here to help you understand your rights and your options, for a price that is fair and affordable.  

Here are some examples of the types of cases we can help you with:


Small Claims
Employment Law

landlord/tenant disputes
Contract disputes

Family Law
Any other civil dispute


We are also here to help you in a variety of other areas of the law, including:

  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Probate Administration, Conservatorships, and Guardianships
  • Negotiating, Drafting, and Reviewing Contracts and Agreements
  • Dealing with your Homeowner's Association

What if you have a claim against someone else but cannot afford an attorney?  We will accept contingency fee cases in limited circumstances, including:

  • Your claim is too small to interest another attorney in private practice
  • You have been unable to locate an attorney to represent you

If you'd like to speak with an attorney, please fill out the contact form here. One of our attorney will contact you as soon as possible. 


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